March 17, 2011

Encaustic Medium and an Art Opening

Artist Christopher May (my husband) is going to be part of an exhibit opening next Saturday evening at The Seen Gallery in Decatur. He has been working in encaustic (beeswax) mediums for the past few years, usually incorporating his photographs or other materials.Encaustic work often has a layered appearance, a variety of materials can be "trapped" within the many layers of wax. The end result of many of Chris' works is the smooth surface appearance which looks almost like enamel; but the artwork is actually fragile and soft. I love the smell of the melting beeswax in the house when he is working in our basement.

I have not met the other artist, Amelia Netto, but from what I have seen on her website, she combines screen-printing and embroidery in her textiles pieces. Hers and Christopher's work both have a similar visual quality because of the processes of layering and should show very nicely together.

Here a an except of a biography I wrote for Chris' book of recent artwork which can be downloaded from Lulu:

Chris' artistic experiences have culminated in a series of encaustic pieces incorporating psuedo-medical science, digital imagery, organic shapes and textures, and natural and man-made materials melted within layers of wax and color. These pieces are a unique exploration of the relationship of nature, beauty and aesthetics with technology and science.

Chris and Amelia open their show, Transitions at The Seen Gallery on Saturday, March 26 at 7pm. If you are in Atlanta that night, stop in and say hello. If you can't make it on opening night, be sure to see the work during The Seen Gallery's normal hours – the work will be on display until April 24th.

The Seen Gallery is located at 15 Church Street in Decatur.